Improving Your Fitness Through Sports

While it is true that everyone should make exercise a part of their daily routine that does not mean that you necessarily need to grab your gym bag and hit the gym for a grueling 2 hour workout. It also does not mean that you need to be pouring in sweat when you finish your physical activity. In fact, if one did feel that such effort were necessary to achieve their fitness goals they likely would fall off the exercise wagon rather quickly. The fun would likely be lost in the misguided notion of what the exercise intensity would have to be in order to be deemed successful. In order to commit to exercise on a regular basis one needs to find a physical activity that they enjoy and which they are likely to want to do for the long term. It should be an exercise or physical activity that brings such a feeling of enjoyment and accomplishment that one wants to participate.

There is a wide array of sporting activities from which to choose, some of which are done on teams or in pairs and some which are performed solo. For instance, If cycling appeals to you there are teams which meet and go for long rides as a group. They are able to enjoy the exercise, the scenery and the camaraderie. Some prefer to pull on their cycling jersey, grab their bikes and head off on their own for their ride. Either way, they are getting the exercise they need doing something they enjoy and which they will likely continue to do routinely.

A sport that many may not have considered as a form of great exercise, an outlet for stress and a fun physical activity is boxing. This sport, however, is growing in popularity and has given many people the opportunity to have great workouts and great fun at the same time. The requirements are very minimal. You just need a good pair of boxing gloves and either a partner or a punching bag or punching dummy and you’re ready for action.

Tennis and racquetball are two other sports which provide an opportunity for fun, fitness and friendships at the same time. Very little equipment is needed for these sporting activities as well. The main requirement for any of these sports is the desire to participate and the willingness to commit to include them as part of your regular routines. Doing so can improve life in a variety of ways.

Different Fitness Areas First Time Netball Players Should Work On

One of the most popular team sports today is netball. Although this game won’t probably be in the Olympics soon, it is still a favorite among numerous athletes and hobbyists around the world.

Netball is a ball sport played between two teams of seven players. This game is said to be derived from early versions of basketball and is akin to it in many respects. This sport today is predominantly played by women.

A netball game is played on a rectangular court divided into thirds. A raised goal is found at each short end of the court. The primary objective of the game is for each team to score goals, by passing a ball and shooting it into their team’s goal ring.

Just like with other sports, persons who want to get started on this team competition should work on their individual fitness and physical areas. These fitness areas that novice netball players should work on include:

Strength. All netball players have to be strong enough to hold position, particularly when the ball is at hand. If you are new to this sport, you have to remember that aside from the game itself, there is another competition for all players to be ahead, to find for a space to jump, to wheel around, to pass to another player and to open for receiving. As such, keep in mind that power goes hand in hand with strength, most especially when it comes to passing the ball or aiming for the goal. It is always more difficult for an opponent to intercept a powerful pass. Workouts that can be helpful to develop this skill include push presses and drop push-ups.

Endurance. This sport also requires a lot of running and jumping. Players have to be able to jump high when they intercept flying balls or when they shoot hoops. You also have to run shoulder to shoulder with the players of the opposing team. As such, you need to work on your leg strength and stamina. For this area, squat jumps are highly recommended.

Speed and agility. Finally, netball involves a lot of running, jumping and other fast movements in netball. All players have to be able to move with a certain level of efficiency and speed. You also have to be agile enough for the sudden changes in direction and pace in movement. Getting enough training in agility is necessary for prevention of injuries. Backward lunges on wobble board can help you improve the balance of your ankle and knees and also helpful for quick changes in movements. Lateral hops are also very helpful for quick sideway movements that is essential to this sport.

Fitness Programs And Their Benefits To The Sport Of ATV-ing

Every form of atv racing has seen a steady increase of participants in the last five years.
Manufactures are producing race ready quads that can be purchased, modified minimally, and taken to the race-track. This has allowed for greater competition and has opened the door for opportunities such as sponsorships and national and international recognition. These high stake offerings have allowed the atv athlete to become more aware of the importance of staying in shape in order to be highly competitive.

ATV racing and riding is a physical sport and hobby requiring strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination. Like other sports, training can be an important tool to improve ones abilities out on the track or trail. With increased strength, endurance, and flexibility, maneuvering an atv becomes more enjoyable and safer. Whether you are a professional racer, recreational racer, or weekend warrior, a proper physical fitness program can enhance your riding potential and provide countless hours of fun.

Exercise is a science with many philosophies and disciplines, so choosing the correct way to train for a specific sport can be difficult. My goal is to educate and help racers and riders through articles like this one, so that the right programs can be chosen and practiced with good direction from fitness professionals.

Traditional exercises over the last 25 years have focused on training specific body parts and typically perform exercises in a single plane of motion, which is an unnatural form of movement for the human body. Single plane exercises can lead to imbalances in the body reinforcing poor motor skills and injuries. Single plane exercises are good for increasing strength and causing muscular hypertrophy but do not enhance human movement or performance. An example of a single plane movement would be a standing bicep curl.

Functional training is a method of training where the workouts compliment the movements and tasks being performed while participating in the sport. Functional training provides improved muscular balance and joint stability, helping to improve performance and eliminate the number of injuries sustained while participating in that sport. All functional movements involve acceleration, deceleration, and stabilization. This method of training allows the exercises being performed to utilize all three anatomical planes of motion: frontal, sagittal, and transverse. An example of a functional movement would be a lateral step press.

Atving is a full body activity requiring all aspects of human movement to be functioning at the same time. Training for a sport like this requires multiple movement exercises involving all of the bodies systems including: cardiovascular, respiratory, muscular, and nervous systems. Program design should include movements that simulate movements while riding an atv. Examples of these would be wait shifting from side to side, pushing and pulling while moving up and down, and pushing and pulling while moving side to side. Effective programs will incorporate multiple exercises, performed in circuit style fashion, varying the speed and tempo, which in return will help to develop all of the bodies systems.

Programs should be integrated, having a variety of exercises challenging balance, reaction time, flexibility, strength, and power. Integration methods serve as a beneficial tool by keeping the workouts from becoming repetitive and boring, allowing the athlete new challenges each workout.

Progression is the next important component of a successful program. Progressive training ensures there is a steady increase in strength and energetic output from one workout to the next. This method will guarantee positive results as long as the athlete is consistent with his or her training.

Structured programs should be periodized. Periodization is a technique used to cycle workouts throughout the year based on the athlete’s schedule. This method not only helps the athlete to peak for optimal results, but also factors in time for rest and recovery.

The final and most important part of any fitness program is that it has to be individualized. Each and every one of us is different, and participating in a sport and hobby such as atving can lead to injuries. This is why it is very important to work with a qualified, experienced, and well-educated fitness professional. The fitness professional should also have knowledge of the sport and hobby, hopefully participating in it as well. There are all levels of education in the physical fitness profession. There are certifications that only take a few weeks to obtain and there are college degrees and certifications that take several years to achieve. Your best bet is to choose a professional with the latter. Degrees in exercise and physiology, kinesiology, physical therapy, and certified strength and conditioning coaches are good examples of education to consider when choosing a fitness professional to work with. Continued education is also an important factor as well, exercise is a science that keeps evolving as more is learned about the human body. In my 24 years of working out I have witnessed the evolution of training and can tell you from first hand experience that what is excepted as current philosophies today could very well change tomorrow due to new findings.

The added benefits of a individualized, well structured, physical fitness program can be extremely rewarding no matter what level rider you may be. These benefits will not only play an important part of your chosen sport but will also improve other aspects of your life.

Build Muscle Faster With Mezomorph Body Type Sport Fitness Secrets

You’ll see them on the volleyball or football field or the gymnastic competition; they look like Greek gods and goddesses. Their wide shoulders and slim waists resting on top of powerful thighs and well turned calves indicate that these men and women are mesomporphs.

What exactly is a mesomorph?

The mesomorph is a somatype that is built for endurance and heavy work. You’ll find the body type in the gym or on the field. High school coaches look for this type of build for their team sports. They are easily spotted by their uniform shape. Their calves are slightly over proportion to their thighs. The muscles in their thighs are usually larger than those of the other two somatypes and mesomorphs are built very athletically.

These folks can build muscle quickly. When they are out of shape, they can recover and gain mass with a bit of focused effort and consistency. They have well-defined pectorals and deltoid muscles that are typically larger and broader than their waistline. They define the triangular shape we see so often in sports magazines or when left untrained, will have a solid square shape.

When a mesomorph is out of shape, they tend to get chunky and fat.

They develop a square shaped torso and based on their current diet, will get the overhanging spare tire. The good news is that this bodytype sheds fat and burns it up quickly with high impact/high intensity workouts. The goal is to get your metabolism back up and start challenging your muscles to work on progressively heavier loads.

The classic bodybuilder’s diet program works well for the mesomorph bodytype. Eat six small meals a day and get your balance of proteins, good fats and clean complex carbs in each meal. This will allow you to get nourishment to your cells, curb cravings and stabilize blood sugar levels. If you’ve been out of shape for a long time, your metabolism needs to be improved, so stay away from simple sugars and starches.

Supersets with compound exercises will allow you to quickly pack on muscle while a short duration / high intensity aerobic workout like jump rope or sprints will get your fat burning furnace going in no time.

Try the 15 Minute Power Workout to jumpstart your training. Here is the basic routine:

1. Squats
2. Lunges
3. Bent over rows
4. One leg calf lifts
5. Push ups
6. Crunches
7. Arm and leg lifts
8. Chest press
9. Bicep curls
10.Standing dumbbell side lift
11.Rotator cuff rotation
12.Overhead shoulder press
13.Lateral raise
14.Tricep extensions or dips

You’ll do each exercise for 1 minute. Exercises that require you to switch sides are done for 30 seconds a side. You will go at a maximum intensity and forget about counting reps. Each set is completed to near muscle failure. Your bodyweight exercises can be adjusted to meet your maximum stress level by changing tempo, intensity or position.

This should get most mesomorphs up to speed in no time. Get plenty of rest and graduate to two giant sets of 15 minutes each per workout.